Explore our database of over 1,000,000 qualified applicants and monitor the stream of fresh daily talent. Pinpoint top performing candidates by region, education & experience, and reach out to them as soon as they enter the system. Profile your ideal candidate and you'll be notified the moment they become available. How much time will you save on your next hire? Explore our features below.

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Simple job management

Create, edit and publish all of your jobs through a single interface. Save time by managing jobs and applicants in one place.

Job Board Syndication

Attract candidates fast by posting your job listings to over 50 of the top job boards instantly.

Hiring Suite Features

Social recruiting

Allow applicants to share jobs through their social network and refer friends. Track referrals and find top performers through our social referral dashboard.

Built in Aptitude Testing

Score potential applicants with our built in proficiency tests. Reduce the field and let the most qualified individuals rise to the top. Automatically identify applicants with the right skill set for your job, and save time in the interview process.

Automated interviews

Pre-screen applicants with ourunique automated interviewing process. Allow applicants to answer your predefined interview questions at their convenience and respond in writing, voice or video.

Simple job sharing

Posting jobs to Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin has never been easier. Push up to date job listings across all your social media channels with a single click.

Built in Analytics

Our intuitive reporting tools allow you to see at a glance how your job listings are performing. View applicants by source and monitor activity across all of your postings from a single screen.

Applicant tracking

Streamline the application process with our simple to use applicant tracking system. Automatically parse the most relevant information from applicant's resumes so the most qualified candidates rise to the top. We give you the tools to manage the entire flow from application to interview.

Personalized career portal

Simplify the application process through our customizable career portal for job seekers. Allow Candidates to apply for jobs, submit resumes, and complete pre-screening interviews so you can quickly pinpoint the talent and weed out the tire kickers.

Premium Job Board integration

Manage paid listings on leading job sites like monster.com, indeed.com from a unified dashboard.

Self Serve Interview scheduling

Take the hassle out of scheduling interviews. Invite candidates for interviews and allow them to select time slots with our easy visual scheduler.

Easy job listings

Paste job listings right onto your own site with our one click widget code. Start harvesting applicants as soon as your job posting is created.